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Email Marketing

Email continues to be the most powerful traffic source for online.  Not only does it help to educate your customer about your brand but it can help convert them into long term brand ambassadors.  Executed properly email will continue to drive overall site visitors and conversion rates.

Growing the list

We have helped clients increase there overall list size, buy partnering with the right affiliates and purchasing lists, running promotions, or giveaways that entice customers to join.

Segment your list

We like to send out different segmented campaigns based off customer behavior to help increase your overall open rates and lower your overall opt-out rates.  We feel a segmented and targeted email is the best approach to having a healthy readership.

Partnered Emails

We have tested and done different email that we have co-produced with large affiliates and seen significant improvement in overall traffic and conversion rates.  Sponsored emails are a great way to introduce your brand to an audience and educate them on your product and offerings.

Goal Segmented Emails

Emails that are sent out based off certain actions on your site or different things your subscribed emails might do.  We have seen nice open/conversion rates on these types of emails as well, as they are very specific and help capture the visitor with the targeted answer to their query or convert them to purchasing the product.

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Our Customized Services

We offer tailor made services for each one of our clients. We take pride in providing scalable solutions to achieve your specific objectives. Below is a list of the different services we offer.

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Video SEO Services

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PPC Management

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Conversion Rate Optimization

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Email Marketing

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Social Media Management

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Reputation Management

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Content Strategy

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Merchandising Strategies

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