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PPC Management

Our PPC Management involves a very intricate and systematic approach to achieving overall site wide goals.  Below are some of the things we do ranging from Keyword Discovery and Optimization, Ad Copy Testing, Discovery Campaigns for Banner Placement, and Placement Campaigns.

Keyword Discovery and Optimization

We optimize and discover the appropriate keywords and drive traffic to the appropriate landing page.   We continue to monitor to ensure proper bids that deliver the optimal ROI. We constantly look at using negative keywords to improve performance for each ad group while grouping new keywords together to create new ad groups.

Ad Copy Testing

We continue to test for the best ad copy that drives the highest click thru rate to help improve your overall quality score and lower your pay-per-click.  We constantly test different words, phrases and messages to drive optimal results.

Discovery Campaigns for Banner Placement

We structure and develop discovery campaigns to help identify sites that might work for your niche.  We test different banners that can help with not only branding put also with click thru and site discovery.

Placement Campaigns

Through our discovery campaigns, we create site specific banner ads and landing pages to help convert the visitors.  Each campaign is different and very specific to our customers and their overall objectives.

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Our Customized Services

We offer tailor made services for each one of our clients. We take pride in providing scalable solutions to achieve your specific objectives. Below is a list of the different services we offer.

SEO Services

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Video SEO Services

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PPC Management

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Conversion Rate Optimization

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Email Marketing

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Social Media Management

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Reputation Management

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Content Strategy

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Merchandising Strategies

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