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Video SEO

Video SEO

Have you considered producing videos as part of your overall content strategy?  Videos not only can help customers discover you, but they can play a key role in your overall conversion rates. Video SEO is not about just creating videos, but creating a content strategy that reinforces your brand, helps your customers discover you and increase your overall trust and authority.

Optimize videos for both YouTube Search and Google Search

Today, videos not only get you views on YouTube but also on Google Search Results across a variety of keywords that the video can be optimized for.    Consumers are searching to learn and get educated on numerous topics and are choosing videos as one of the form of consumption.

Videos Increase Trust = Improvement in Conversion Rates

We have also noticed a significant increase in overall conversion rates for our customers that feature product review videos on eCommerce product pages.  Videos take static photos and give it life.  They also can make your site become much more personal as you can choose to attach a face / voice to your brand.
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Our Team has created over 1,100 videos.
Generated over 1 million views.
We have created over 1,100 videos that have generated  +1,000,000 views on YouTube.  Our team can analyze your niche and determine the appropriate video seo strategy.

Video SEO Strategy

We strive in creating scalable content development that is sustainable.

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